Crisis Prevention Conference 2024: Our takeaways

mecom bei der Crisis Prevention Konferenz

Representatives from aid organisations, the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr), the technical relief organisation THW, the police, associations, administration, politics and business came together again this year at the CP Conference to exchange ideas. The event is organised annually by the specialist portal Crisis Prevention.

The current security situation dominated the discussion. The question posed in the title of the event, “Koordiniertes Krisenmanagement – Wunsch oder schon Wirklichkeit” (Coordinated crisis management – wishful thinking or already a reality) was taken up in the contributions and the challenges were emphasised.

One result of the discussions was that resources are scarce and, in an emergency, the personal responsibility and ability of the affected population to help themselves were important building blocks of resilience. Organisations involved need to join forces to promote these capabilities and adapt them to current needs.

A central concept at the conference was overall defence, which encompasses both military and civil defence. For the realignment of security, the Bundeswehr would like civilian support services from the organisations and institutions present, such as the provision of personnel, material and infrastructure. However, this would bring challenges such as coordinating the various players or ensuring interoperability.

While the military sector has already been strengthened by the federal government’s special budget fund (Sondervermögen) for the Bundeswehr, the budgets for civil defence and disaster control have not yet been increased. Consequently, all those present called on politicians to provide appropriate funding. The challenges of the future could not be met with the universally recognised, outstanding commitment of volunteers alone.

At the conference, we had the opportunity to exchange ideas with many participants, speakers and exhibitors, and jointly considered what contribution mecom, as a pioneer of security-critical communication in Germany, could make in the future.

These relevant discussions must be continued in the future. We look forward to further exchange on this topic.

Photo (from the left): Malte Wulfmeier, Dirk Modrakowski, Inga Wilkens, Kai Roddeck