mecom new member of Cyber Security Cluster Bonn e.V.


Around 100 members from the segments business, science and politics contribute to the Cyber Security Cluster Bonn e.V. As of late, we also belong to the association.

Cyber Security Cluster Bonn serves to promote and network science, research and education, business, authorities and public institutions.

The association brings together cumulative cyber security knowledge, years of expertise, comprehensive know-how and high-end technology. The result is an innovative IT security cluster, in which business, politics and research combine their unique competencies in an optimal manner. Cyber Security Cluster Bonn was developed from one out of 300 project ideas created within the scope of the Initiative Digitales Bonn (Digital Bonn Initiative). The association was founded in 2018.

Alongside around 100 other members from all over Germany, we will contribute to the association with immediate effect.

Our core competency is safety-critical communication. Consequently, cyber security is right at the top of our agenda. We look forward to collaborating in the association and to contributing our expertise to the joint development of cyber security with other important players.